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Kent Robertson

Be careful...I remember when I was a kid my dad came home with a compressed air declogger for the toilet.  One blast and pipes broke in several places.  OK, it was an old house, but what a mess!

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Over the years I have had a number of clogged hoses, including the fuel hose, and also the strainer INSIDE the main fuel tank. YES THER IS A STRAINER BEHIND THE FUEL SHUTOFF VALVE ON THE FUEL TANK.

My solution was to put the bell of an air horn over the hose and give it a toot.

For the refrigerator I would do the same but use a very small amount f air as the hose is small.

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Don’t be afraid to pull the fridge out a bit. On the SM53 there are only three thumb screw holding the unit in. (perhaps a 54 owner could chime in with the locations of the screws on the 54) Once the screws are out, it is possible to pull the fridge out about a foot without pulling it all the way out. Take off the cabinet doors in the kitchen under the sink (the whole panel should come off with the doors attached – look for the Phillips head screws (I think 2 or 3) lift and remove. You can now get to the back of the fridge.


But before you do all of this. Remove the drain tray inside the fridge. Try putting a water hose over the hole in the fridge – pulse the water a couple of times. It is possible you have some dirt blocking the drain hose and a little pressure might help clear it. This drains to the bilge.



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Hi all,


In our 54 there is an upright Frigoboat fridge in the galley which has the small freezer compartment at the top, and just below that is a tray to collect melted ice. That tray is connected to a small drain hose which disappears behind the fridge to where I do not know!. This hose seems to be blocked resulting in water accumulating at the bottom of the fridge, I would be grateful if someone has dealt with this before and could advise how to get access to this hose as it does not seem to be easy at all without some major dismantling which I'm reluctant to do without knowing what I'm doing.




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