Re: Raising the waterline aft on SM

Adam Carpenter


I too am looking raising the waterline aft and leveling it out to existing level at the bow, due to new weight distribution of SS solar arch, solar panels as added in 2015 and of course the contents of aft locker. The bow to mid ships id fine but the aft section requires constant scrubbing.

The challenge is removing this old boot strip before setting up the new waterline trim.

My question for the group is in about the original 2001 build orange boot stripe, is it a vinyl sticker or is it painted on.      

If it is a sticker, heat guns and scraping and / or decal eraser disks will be required. 

If it is painted on then fine grit sanding will be required.  

Any previous experiences or knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

s/v Lady Annabelle
AMEL SM 2000 #339
Sydney Australia

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