Re: SM Running Rigging


Hello Kent,


The Tack Rope material is what Amel uses for the outhaul on the boom and for the main sheet car traveler.  I think that if you measure them you will find this to be the case.


For manually furling the genoa,  my boat came with a black and white line that is also used to attach to the short main halyard for lowering the main sail and to furl the genoa.  For the Genoa, the ends are tied together to make a big loop, then led around the furler to two blocks at the toe rail and back to either the power or small winch and then to a block held by a long bungee to the back big deck cleat.  


I hope that this is clear enough to make sense.  If you see it on another boat, it will be clear.


I will be interested to hear how your work on the boat turns out.



s/y Ladybug, sm216, Newport, RI

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