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Alexandre Uster von Baar

Excellent !!!
That confirm what I/we thought!

Sincerely, Alexandre


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Subject: RE: [Amel Yacht Owners] Looking for suggestions on galley refrigerator
Date: Tuesday, August 7, 2018, 7:58 AM


Out of curiosity I asked Veco (Annapolis
Frigoboat/Climma distributor) about their warning to use
only sea water for cooling, not tank water.  My questions
are below with their answers in red. "Dear Veco,I see in your Installation and
Instruction Manual that you have a warning in Chapter 3 that
the W35F and W50F Refrigeration Systems are designed to
operate with sea water cooling only, not water from water
tanks, etc. because serious health risks can
occur. Frigoboat systems are designed
for use with sea water only. There are no food-grade
materials used, and if a condenser rupture were to occur
there would be contamination of the drinking water from
refrigerant and oil if the system was installed using the
boat's water tanks.

I'm guessing the concern
with using recirculating cooling water from a fresh water
tank would be if the tank water were to heat up a lot or
become insufficient, the refrigeration may not provide
adequate cooling and food might spoil causing illness (and
possible legal ramifications for your company). Absolutely. Also, we would rather not have
the reputation of Frigoboat slighted by operators
broadcasting of poor performance when in fact their systems
have been installed and operated in a non-standard

Owner error might also allow the
tank to become empty, although the system seemingly would
respond as it would were a sea water feed to become clogged
and no equipment damage would result. There is a temperature sensor on the
condensing coil that will stop the compressor if it is seen
that there is an inadequate supply of cooling

Can you confirm that the warning
is indeed one to prevent owner error or is there actually an
engineering issue with using fresh water from a tank?  That
certainly seems not the issue as the system, I'm sure,
will work fine in fresh water. By
using recirculating water in a tank, you are adding several
more steps of heat exchange. By using sea water we are
always using a fresh source of water at a stable
temperature. Heat travels from a higher temperature object
to a lower temperature one, so for heat exchange to take
place, there must be a difference in temperature between the
two mediums, and the greater the difference, the more the
heat exchange. The water recirculated back to the tank will
be at a higher temperature than the water in the tank and so
it will heat the water in the tank. The water in the tank
has to be considerably warmer than its surroundings before
it can dispense some of that heat, so the water in the tank
will be warmer than the surroundings and the sea water. As
the water in the tank gets warmer/hotter, there is less heat
exchange, less efficiency, and more power is consumed due to
elevated head pressures in the compressor. The Frigoboat W35
and W50 systems are designed to operate efficiently and
safely with sea water at the maximum expected
temperature. Best
I didn't word my
last point very well - I meant to point out that the system
doesn't care if it gets sea water or fresh water from,
say, a river or in a lake. It's just a matter of them
not wanting owners using tank water to avoid possible
complaints, claims or the remote chance of drinking water

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Good morning Paul,

If I may point out regarding the “water cooled” units.

“Chapter 3” of the Installation and Instruction

it says:

NOTE: The W35F and W50F compressors are designed to work
with sea water only. They are not designed to use water from
other sources, i.e. water tanks, skin tanks, or coolant
pumped through secondary heat exchangers. Serious health
risks and/or performance issues can occur if any form of
liquid coolant delivery is used other than sea water being
pumped directly into the system and then expelled back

I assume this is some lawyer statement to prevent any type
of potential lawsuit should the system leak into the fresh
water tank.

Personally, I would not have any issue using the fresh water
tank, but wanted to point out the information.

Sincerely, Alexandre.


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Subject: RE: [Amel Yacht Owners] Looking for suggestions on
galley refrigerator


Date: Monday, August 6, 2018, 8:00 AM


Mark! Did you consider to have a water cooled

compressor? We have changed the cooler and compressor in

fridge box. To a water cooled, I also build a freezer

the dishwasher was, also water cooled. Both compressors

cooled by circulating fresh water from the drinking water

tank. Limited corrosion no growth of barnacles. No

to use when on the hard, and very energy efficient. No

from any fan. Took the water from the manual pump outlet

the compressors.

I have thought of doing something about the fridge

as it get cool, but work most of the time and make noice

even after I changed the fan. One thought was a drawer

fridge, terribly expensive and does not match, or change

compressor and evaporator. I think I know the answer now.

Paul on SY Kerpa SM 259

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