Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] changing cockpit cover installation from old Super Maramu to SM2K


I have no idea what the cost would be, Philipp.  When I get them off if Kristy, I’ll try to find out what it would cost to ship them.  They would be bulky, but not very heavy.  I’ll take some pics and measurements when I get back on Kristy in 2 weeks.


Hi Kent,

I'm interested but it depends on the dimensions of the package. Because I think, that there are limitations on the cargo transport to La Rochelle Pallice if they have to transport it by post from Brest or Amsterdam .
Do you have an idea about the amount of the costs to transport it to France or Switzerland?

I need your inox tubes or better if it is not to transport, maybe you could send me the dimensions of the inox tubes, that I can let change them by an inox yard in LR.

Many thanks for your perfect service!

Fair winds,


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