Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] paying Amel for parts order

Mark Erdos

Ryan and Kelly,


We have had no issues paying Amel by VISA card (from a USA bank).


If your bank can’t wire money, time to get a better bank. Wire transfers are common place in the world of cruising.



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Hi all,


I recently placed my first parts order with Amel, and I'm having trouble paying them.  I've given them two different US-based credit cards from different issuers and they say both were declined.  Neither card issuer has any record of an attempted charge, so they can't tell me why they were declined, and this implies the problem is on Amel's end.


Amel also gave me wire instructions, but my bank is not able to send wires.


How do you folks pay for your orders?



Ryan and Kelly

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Boston, MA, USA




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