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Ryan Meador

Thank you all for the suggestions.  I guess my problem is unique.  This is not a case of the bank declining the purchase for fraud reasons (i.e. it's in France).  I had expected that, and was prepared for it.  The bank is not declining the purchase; they're never even getting the purchase attempt, so something is going wrong before that point in the process.  The cards were both Visas, for what it's worth.

I sent a wire via Western Union, since I already had an account with them.  I suspect TransferWise would require an extra ACH round-trip to verify my account, which would add about 3 days to the process, but if I was starting from scratch I probably would have gone with them.  Western Union is still slow by wire standards, but it should only take about 3 days total.

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Notify your bank that you will be making purchases in France.


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I’ve not had a problem Ryan.  I just give Maud the credit card info and it gets charged.

S/V Kristy


Hi all,

I recently placed my first parts order with Amel, and I'm having trouble paying them.  I've given them two different US-based credit cards from different issuers and they say both were declined.  Neither card issuer has any record of an attempted charge, so they can't tell me why they were declined, and this implies the problem is on Amel's end.

Amel also gave me wire instructions, but my bank is not able to send wires.

How do you folks pay for your orders?

Ryan and Kelly
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