Re: paying Amel for parts order

John Clark

Yes US banks can be troublesome.  Last year I did a lot of air travel and gave my two primary banks (Bank of America and Chase) my itinerary.  They assured me there would be no problems.  Cards issued by both banks were declined everywhere in Europe, even after I called repeatedly to remind them I was traveling.  Luckily I had a credit card from Capital One, an issuer whom I did not inform that I was traveling.  The Capital One card worked throughout the trip.  After that fiasco I upped the limit on the Capital One card and use it exclusively when traveling outside the US.  I have not had an issue since.  

For Amel, in April 2017 I used Capital One with Amel in Le Marin without issue.    

I am totally confused that two supposedly "big sophisticated international banks" cannot get their act together but the low end Capital One upstart works seamlessly across the globe.

SV Annie SM37
Le Marin, MQ

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