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Craig Briggs

Hey, Ryan, just put it on José's card 

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Thank you all for the suggestions.  I guess my problem is unique.  This is not a case of the bank declining the purchase for fraud reasons (i.e. it's in France).  I had expected that, and was prepared for it.  The bank is not declining the purchase; they're never even getting the purchase attempt, so something is going wrong before that point in the process.  The cards were both Visas, for what it's worth.

I sent a wire via Western Union, since I already had an account with them.  I suspect TransferWise would require an extra ACH round-trip to verify my account, which would add about 3 days to the process, but if I was starting from scratch I probably would have gone with them.  Western Union is still slow by wire standards, but it should only take about 3 days total.

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