Re: SM Running Rigging

Paul Osterberg

To get the “ manual” head sail furling to work, one need an continuous line going through a block attached to a heavy duty shock cord ( must be tension on the furling line all the time else it will slip) at the stern of your boat up to the sheeve at the Genua furler I also have a low friction ring attached close to the sheve to make maximum angle that the furling line touches the sheeve .The problem is how do you attached the continuous line and there is a solution to that. Splice a loop of the core of the furling line at each end the just take a Thin dyneema core and tie it together and you have a continuous line that can be taken apart. I also use that to make my Genoa sheet longer when gybing the Genua with booth pools out, but only then to avoid to much rope in the cockpit. I have posted a few photos on how I have arranged the manual furling in the photo section
Paul on SY Kerpa SM 259

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