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We are in Tonga and will not be able to get any professional with our
B&G instruments until we reach New Zealand. I am hoping that one of you
have been through this.

We had something strange happen to our B&G analog instruments. All four
instruments began blinking red and not registering any values. I
checked the wiring behind the instruments and at the processor. The
only thing I found was there were two terminators between 14 and 15
rather than one terminator as shown in the installation manual.
Additionally, one of these terminators looked slightly burned. Once I
removed the slightly burned terminator and powered the Hydra 2000 up
everything seemed to work except Boat Speed and the Wind Speed analog
instruments appeared reversed. We were at anchor with about 10 knots of
wind. The needle on the Boat Speed was at a 9:30 position and the Wind
Speed was registering zero. I realized that a position of 9:30 on the
Wind Speed would be about 10 knots.

I referred to the Hydra User’s Manual and performed the checks
described in section 6. All checked returned with OK or Pass except for
the checks on the wind board and the depth board. The following are the


· Network â€" 1084 decay

· Prom â€" 0975 checksum

· Ram â€" pass


· Network â€" 1767 decay

· Prom â€" 2A76 checksum

· Ram â€" pass

I found that section 5.3.2 of the Hydra 2000 User Manual details how to
“Configure the Analog Indicators.� This procedure allows
you to specify which values are sent to each analog instrument. I went
through the steps in the User’s Manual and configured the Wind
and Boat Speed correctly. It all works now.

I am still concerned that I may be missing something.

Does anyone know why I found two terminators between 14 and 15?

Does anyone have more information?


Bill Rouse

s/v BeBe SM2 #387

anchored at Neiafu, Kingdom of Tonga

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