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Thanks for looking into this Mark.

So the aluminum version, even anodized, won’t have the shiny chrome look?

Does anyone ordering them have preferences of black ABS at $7 each vs aluminum at $14 (or $18 anodized).

My initial reaction is that if they don’t have the chrome look, I’d probably go with the ABS.  On the other hand we don’t know how long the ABS will hold up (I’m assured it is very tough material and he’s going to make the thin part of the handle slightly thicker than the original to help strengthen that part that breaks most commonly.)
I’m happy to go with the majority.

Kent Robertson
S/V Kristy
SM 243

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I can make them for $14 out of 6061 Aluminum.  I would like to make at least 20 at that price if at all possible.  We can also have them clear anodized for an additional ~$4 each.  I have not yet received an exact quote from my anodizer but from experience it will be around that price.  Clear anodizing will impart more of a matte/satin finish to the aluminum.  Lead time to make them is 2 weeks.  Add a week if we need to anodize them.  If we do end making some of these, I will make an additional ~10 extra while we are set up so that we will have some in-stock and ready to go if anyone ever needs a few more down the road.  Attached is a rendering of the model.  

My feelings will NOT be hurt if you guys prefer the cheaper 3D printed ABS option!

Mark McGovern
SM 440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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