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Stephen Davis

Hi James,

I am attaching a PDF with the written instructions for the alignment. The Vetus mounts you found are the correct mounts, and are what came as original equipment. Some people have changed to other mounts, but we had these installed by the Amel recommended mechanic in Martinique in 2016, and they are very vibration free.

Good luck on your project.


Aloha SM72

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Hi Stephen

Yes, I agree on the seriousness of the alignment.. Olivier described to me the process for alignment, but if you've got something written I appreciate that.. I listened carefully, but didn't take any notes..

My first step is to find someone who has ideally done this job before.. Worst case, I'll find a good mechanic and we can figure it out together.. 

Are these mounts the Vetus type? 

I think I found what looks to be correct.. But if you can confirm?

Thanks again..

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