Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Guidance on replacing Engine tray mounts


James, you may have already posted this, but what Amel model and number, and what engine do you have?

Are you repowering or just replacing the mounts?

The original mounts in my SM 243 for Volvo TMD22 were Vetus mounts rated for much lighter engines than the TMD22.  I understand this was done to lessen noise, and that because of the CDrive setup the forces on the mounts were less than in conventional drives.  If you are just replacing mounts, I would use the identical type as the ones you are replacing.  If you are repowering, I would use the mounts recommended by the new engine manufacturer to be sure the warranty is valid.

If you are replacing with identical mounts, only minor adjustments will be needed.  Using the solid disc I spoke of in my previous answer, you can get the tolerances very close.  Then replacing the disc with the flexible coupling should leave you well aligned.

S/V Kristy
SM 243

Hi Stephen

Yes, I agree on the seriousness of the alignment.. Olivier described to me the process for alignment, but if you've got something written I appreciate that.. I listened carefully, but didn't take any notes..

My first step is to find someone who has ideally done this job before.. Worst case, I'll find a good mechanic and we can figure it out together.. 

Are these mounts the Vetus type? 

I think I found what looks to be correct.. But if you can confirm?

Thanks again..

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