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I am fairly certain that the difference is the quality of the rope made by the rope manufacturer.

I most cases thickness compression is not an issue like it is with the Anderson Line Tender. I believe most rope manufacturers have taken something out of the core (guts) of their ropes. Their reason for doing this is sound. 98% of their customers shop mostly price.

The Kevlar rope Amel used for some specific lines was packed with fiber and could not be compressed. This was a matter of quality, rather than the fact that it had a Kevlar core. I am betting that you might be able to find Kevlar rope that isn't as packed. 

About 1-2 years ago Amel began recommending 12mm line for the outhaul and mainsheet Traveller.


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Some boats seem to work better on 10 and some on 12.  I have been told that some of the Andersons are different.  The important factor seems to be that the line is Kevlar. 


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