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Our entire cockpit is covered with sunbrella. My experience is that a bleach based spray cleaner will fade and remove mildew stains within an hour... the maker of the cockpit enclosure told me sunbrella is resistant to bleach. You’ll need some type of fabric guard to help make older sunbrella water resistant.
Andre Kaplan
Renaissance 2000

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Hi Paul,
Best thing I've found is 303 Fabric Guard.  They make a mold and mildew cleaner and multipurpose cleaner, too.  It's expensive, but it's what every body who sells Sunbrella recommends.  Once it's clean and dry, apply the Fabric Guard, and reapply every 3-6 months depending on how much it's exposed.
Nothing makes it waterPROOF, but it will help keep the stitch holes from leaking.  If there are places where water accumulates on top of the fabric, the weight will stretch the fibers and cause leaking, so making sure it drains properly will help too.

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We have some issues with our spray hood and bimini made from Sunbrella (3 years old). It has developed a lot of stain from mold and now it starts to leak in water especially around the supporting SS tubing.
Three questions
1. Any suggestion of how to wash it to get rid of the mold stain?
2. Any suggested treatment to avoid mold coming back
3. what is  the best treatment to make it water proof again?

Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259

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