Re: Used Anchor for sale in St. Thomas

Bob Hodgins <bobh@...>

The spare Rocna for sale is an extra that I left at my son's home in St. Thomas. I have the 45 kg stainless steel Rocna style on Gallivant and felt I did not need two. I am spending some time with him and trying to clean out my stuff.
I have really enjoyed my time in the South Pacific and looking forward to going back and continuing the journey. We try to split our time between the boat and our other life, family, etc. Our 7 month cruise this year to French Polynesia was way more that we ever hoped for, and can't wait to get back there.
I have not yet had to anchor in too deep water, maybe 60' but I have plenty of chain and rode if needed. I have had to anchor bow and stern in crowded spots where everyone else does that. That is the most work to get the second anchor down and get the rode to the stern. I don't enjoy that work, especially retrieving it, but it makes you sleep well at night.

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