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Mike Johnson


We use a common UK domestic called Dettol on all our interior surfaces around the galley and heads.   

We also use at home and have never had a mildew problem.

Mike & Peta
SM 2K 461

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We use the 303 products as well having made our first application to the exterior (only) when the bimini was 2 years old.  Note that they make a multi cleaner as well as a fabric guard (keep the Fabric Guard off any clear vinyl or wipe it off immediately).  

Regarding the prevention of mildew we regulary and  thoroughly rinse BOTH the exterior and interior with fresh water on a regular basis.  We don't scrub it, just use a moderate fresh water spray.  Frequently it is the organic material in salt water spray that supports mildew growth while the salt keeps things moist.   Looks kind of unusual spraying the inside of bimini (and enclosure) but this gets salty as well. If you have a canvas dash/wheel cover and helm seat cover it makes this process a bit easier.

Bob, KAIMI SM 429

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