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Mike Johnson


Agree with Bill’s comments. We have anchored out in steady 30 kts plus with gusts over 40 kts without difficulty.

Our only addition is a long nylon snubber of 10 to 15 m to ensure maximum benefit of chain on the sea bed.

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I anchored in 30 meters in Bora Bora at 3:1 scope. We were there for several days with winds in the high 30s-low 40s.

The scope required to safely anchor can decrease as the depth increases. This is the effect of the catenary - the weight of the chain makes the 3:1 scope pull pretty much parallel to the bottom.


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Wow, guess I’ve got to devise a good way to add rode to my 300 ft of chain.  Is 250 ft of 1 inch rode on 300 ft of chain enough? That’s less than 6:1.  There was some discussion a while back, but still not comfortable with the transition from chain to rope.  I guess hooking with the snubber line, disconnecting the chain from the locker, pulling it up on deck and shackling it to the rope is about all one can do.  Sounds like a hassle.  

Is the bottom in most places amenable to a ROCNA anchor?
I have a big Fortress and a Mantus as spare anchors, but have never used them.

Does anyone have a good way to mount a spare anchor on the rail?

Have you (or anyone else) used two anchors in tandem?  The ROCNA has a place to shackle a chain to the neck, but it would be difficult to get to, and even harder to retrieve. I guess a line with a float attached to the second anchor could be retrieved with a boat hook and hauled aboard with a halyard.  My back is already complaining about hauling it aboard by hand.

Any and all advice, experiences that taught you something, hints, etc greatly appreciated!

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Hi Kent,

the question was not to me but I have fond memories of time there (Raiatea). I spent a lot of time anchored in 27 meters (90 ft).

Kind Rgards


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