Clothes dryer on a A54

Arno Luijten

For those who are interested.

I just removed the dryer from the forward head. This was because it tripped the RCD breaker because of some grounding fault.

Removing is quite the puzzle. The shelf that sits on top is screwed down with two screws in the back and is velcro-ed to the top of the dryer. However loosening this does not mean you will be able to remove it. The nice piece of wood that decorates the shelve prevents it from getting out. By feeling the vinyl at the back you can spot two screws that are underneath the vinyl. These hold the wood. By pushing a screwdriver (Pozidriv) though the vinyl you can unscrew them. Then the wood is only retained by some double sided sticky tape.
Now also remove the small shelf in the back. It's held in place with two (visible) screws.

Next you need to go under the sink. There is a access hatch held in place with two screws. You can just move this to the back to gain access. Now you will see (when you dive deep enough) the airhose and the two knurled knobs that hold the thing in place.
Remove the knobs and the hoseclamp. Now put a thick blanket over the sink to protect it. You can just tilt the dryer foreward to have it lean on the sink. It helps to remove the tap first.
Now you can access the innards from the back and top by removing a lot of screws. Do not remove the back panel itself, only the smaller cover that sits on the back cover.

You cannot remove the dryer from the heads altogether unless you take it completely apart. Both the hatch and the door opening are too narrow. Amel actually cut the lower back corner off the dryer-housing to make it fit the space available. They also re-routed the hose from the back to the bottom. Quite the creativity there.

I found the heating element to be busted, it had a short circuit between the poles and the housing.
I think the dryer brand Minea is no longer sold but it is also sold as "White Knight" model C39AW. This is still for sale in the UK. On Ebay you can find loads of heating element replacements for this thing. I'm going to order two of them just to be sure the first one does not break down anymore.



Luna A54-121

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