Steering Rack Adjustment

Stephen Davis

We are just finishing up with final adjustments after replacing our steering racks, pinion, and steering cables, and have a question about how tight the racks should be. The racks are held together by 2 threaded studs with 2 cap nuts facing the galley. Should these 2 cap nuts be tightened enough so the racks do not move at all, or be a bit looser which allows the racks to scissor back an forth a little? I can't find anything written about this, and I'd appreciate it if some of you could look at your steering racks and let me know if they are a little loose, or if you are unable to move them. My vote is for very tight with no movement, but would like to know how they are adjusted on some other boats.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Steve Davis
Aloha SM 72
Ko Olina, Hawaii

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