How To Post

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Over the past couple of months there's been a fair amount of posts
that haven't made their way on to the site. I think many of the posts
are spam but some may be from amelyachtowners members that are having
trouble getting messages posted.

You can post messages one of two ways:
Via loging in to the amelyachtowners site and posting from there, or
via email.

Via email

To send a message to other group members, create an email and address
it to Group names are not case

Note: you can only post to groups you've joined, and only from email
addresses registered with Yahoo! Groups. If you misspell the name of
a group, or attempt to send an email from an account other than the
one you joined under, your message will not be delivered. If you
receive a failure notice, check your email addresses and try again.

Via the Yahoo! Groups Web Site

After you've signed in, go to the group you wish to post to, and
click Post, write your message, and then click Send Message.

Note: Yahoo! Groups restricts messages to 1 megabyte in size to
prevent abuse.

Hope this helps.


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