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Dear Peter, Gianni and Eric, Thank you all for your prompt responses. Great homework!It will be a shame not to share a good cigar with Fidel but I guess a Cuba Libre in South Beach might be the wiser option.
Gianni, I don't know any ports on the S side of Cuba. It is said to be very unspoilt with wonderful diving. I think you should not expect much in the way of easily obtained fresh food.The commodore of the Hemingway marina in Havana is very friendly on email and has offered to help us if we visit.Do buy Nigel Caulder's book--it looks pretty comprehensive. However...we were planning to sail the south side and have been put off by stories that , currently, the Cubans are very strict about the few ports that you are able to visit so we figured that we would just sail the north coast from the BVI's and call in on Havana.I am not entirely surprised to read Eric's warning but being a stubborn lawyer I am going to try to get chapter and verse from the embassy in London just to make sure.
Anyway, by the time we get there the new Pres. will no doubt have closed down Guantanamo and all willl be sweetness and light ; alternatively the other new vice Pres will have invaded with her moose rifle ( Bay of Lipstick Pigs?) and we will be flying the Stars and Stripes as our courtesy flag as we approach Hemingway Marina!
Watch this space! Cheers, Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302

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