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Arthur Sundqvist

Thank you. Eric!
I see forward to the info and pictures from you. I also think is best that s PRO installs it.

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I had an Espar heater installed in Kimberlite.
To date I have done everything on Kimberlite including changing the engine  mounts.

Years ago I purchased the pieces for the install of the heater which are unique to Amel, particularly the special exhaust with attached pipe, and the exhaust heat shield. They are no longer available. I found a fellow in England that sells the complete Espar unit and install kit on eBay. It got here in 3 days and was factory sealed and 1/2 the price here in the USA.

Over the years I have crawled through many cockpit lockers examined the installs from Amel and taken photos.

When i received the unit i took one look at the wiring harness, and the exhaust system and decide that I should have someone who is very familiar with the unit install it.

He installed it in a day and the install was perfect He is a certified Espar installer here on the north fork of Long Island.

I had previously contacted Ocean Options in Newport to install the unit and they said the Amel factory install is totally incorrect. Amel has probably installed more units than ocean options. I went with the Amel way.

Needless to say it is an ambitious project, and the thought of drilling a hole in the side of Kimberlite gave me pause.

I would look for a certified installer.
If you want some photos please send me your email address.
'Fair Wnds,
Sm 376 Kimberlite

Fair Winds,
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We want to install an heater in our SM2000. Does anyone have done this? Is the installation documented in some way or form. Please you who know could you share you insights.
Fair winds

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