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Well your visa waver will NOT DO that is ONLY for commercial entry by boat or plane.  We go to the USVI's regularly from the BVI's and we/you do need a Visa - Belfast is the best place in the UK to get one - quite a jumping through hoops process - IF we have friends onboard and we are going in the US and they dont have visas then we get them to enter the US via a ferry then they have a Visa waver alternatively if the arrive in the BVI via the US then they have the visa waver so they are ok to sail with us to the USVI's.  Sadly there seems to be no hard and fast rules here regarding the visa waver process SOME HS people say you MUST keep it till you exit the US on your flight  home to the UK some say as you exit the US to the BVI's you have to give it up - i am going to get a ruling on this from HS and keep it to show the - you must do it my way HS people. I have heard that coming from Cuba is not such a good idea - sad really as we will be entering from Cuba in a few years time.



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Hi y'all, We are thinking of taking Pen Azen, British flagged, to visit some
former colonies next year, arriving in Florida ( shhh... might be arriving
from Havana...) and working our way
north to Noo Yawk. Is there anyone who has
recent experience of taking a foreign flagged vessel( crewed by two Aliens) to
the States? There have been scare stories circulating in the Old World about
the boys and girls from Homeland Security, 96 hours notice of entering US
waters, the need ( on a strict reading of the legislation ) to notify the
authorities if you even move berths within the same marina etc etc. I am sure
that in practice it is all much easier but it would be interesting to know.
We both have UK passports and the UK has a visa free entry if you fly in to the
US but I am not sure if the same applies if you sneak in at 7 knots.
All would be no doubt revealed if I could afford the $300 to attend an
interview at the US embassy but I am sure that there will be an Amel owner out
there somewhere who will have all this at his/her fingertips.
Cheers, Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Trinidad

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