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hi there

not my own experience (yet) but i know that for dutch and swiss citizens (both also under the visa waiver program [I-94] if flown
in by air) you need a special visa (normally 10 years) to enter by sea. i know from a sailing friend that the procedure seems to
be straight forward (who would have thought) and can be done in trinidad. call the embassy, they will tell you a website with a
form to fill out; you have to pay some amount (must be described there how); then with the filled form and the payment slip you
have to call them to get an appointment; show up precisely to the appointment and you'll get your visa. i've been told it works
quite well in trinidad!

cheers, marc

S/Y MELMAR Y, maramu #89, power boats in trinidad,

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Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2008 12:21:38 +0000

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Hi y'all, We are thinking of taking Pen Azen, British flagged, to visit some former colonies next year, arriving in Florida (
shhh... might be arriving from Havana...) and working our way north to Noo Yawk. Is there anyone who has recent experience of
taking a foreign flagged vessel( crewed by two Aliens) to the States? There have been scare stories circulating in the Old World
about the boys and girls from Homeland Security, 96 hours notice of entering US waters, the need ( on a strict reading of the
legislation ) to notify the authorities if you even move berths within the same marina etc etc. I am sure that in practice it is
all much easier but it would be interesting to know.

We both have UK passports and the UK has a visa free entry if you fly in to the US but I am not sure if the same applies if you
sneak in at 7 knots.

All would be no doubt revealed if I could afford the $300 to attend an interview at the US embassy but I am sure that there will
be an Amel owner out there somewhere who will have all this at his/her fingertips.

Cheers, Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Trinidad

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