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David's comments re entry from Cuba are essentially correct.   American citizens are not banned from visiting Cuba,  They are banned from spending money in Cuba and it is the IRS that gives them hassle and threatens prosecutions.   All this nonsence could change if the Democrats get into the White House at the elections!    We entered (U.K. registered boat with U.K. citizens on board) at Key West twice from Havana and there was no problem from Immigration or Customs.  Agriculture were waiting on the dock at 03.00 to check us in and removed all fresh, Cuban, food from the boat - rubber gloves and sealed plastic sacks!   ( My wife thought he was the dock hand and threw him lines, which, in fairness he tied up, but then didn't go away.   Then we found out he was from Agriculture!)
To come in by sea we needed a "10 year multiple entry visa".   When you arrive you are given the appropriate slip which you hang onto for grim death and hand in, or post back, (this may have changed.) when you leave the country.   Most Americans dislike their immigration / HS as much as foreigners but with 3 entries by boat and 1 by air, as well as checking in regularly for the 11 months that we were in the States we didn't have the slighest problem and found everybody we dealt with to be pleasant and professional - maybe we were exceptionally lucky!
Robin Cooter
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Sorry folks but that is BOLLOCKS.... ......... ..clearing into the USA you MUST put in your last port of call? if you put Havana that would i am told be somewhat problematic (HEARSAY) however? visiting Cuba resulting in confiscating the boat i think not.

It is NOT illegal visit Cuba or to sail from Cuba to the USA? however US folks are 'i think' still banned 'officially' from visiting Cuba - not that it stops them from going.

I have some 'interesting locations/entry stamps' in my passport and 'occasionally' i do get questioned as to why i went there but this is i think just nosiness by the HS person at the desk it has never resulted in anything other than a few friendly questions.

Sadly i think when Fidel dies all this will change and America will be in Cuba by the thousands bringing 'democracy and capitalism' to free the Cubans. This will have nothing to do with finding another market for America so close to home of course.? So if you can go there go now. Yes it will be more difficult cruising Cuba than the rest of the Caribbean but from what i have heard totally worth the hassle.

BUT back to Clearing IN and OUT of the USA. Clearing INTO the USA you fill out three forms -? one of the forms the smaller of the three - is white for US visa holders and is green for UK non visa holders ( the tear off part of the green form is your Visa Waver) and others who qualify under the visa waver agreement AND who are arriving on a commercial carrier - this form both white and green versions has a tear off part that you get fixed into your passport - typically stapled onto a page in your passport - the other form is a customs declaration and is about any goods you are carrying (or not) and are importing into the USA? - and? finally the biggest form is about the boat and people on board including last port of call. Once you have cleared IN and cleared customs the only bit of paper you retain is the tear off part of form one and a stamp in your passport of course.

Clearing OUT - you simply turn up - say you are clearing out - present the passport - they remove the tear off part of form one - and you sail away........ ......... do not fill out any forms that say anything about intended destination - so again confiscation of the boat is rubbish.?



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I just had Bali Hai at my yacht club here in Huntington.

It had an owner from Chile on board.

I would NOT leave for the USA from Cuba. They might confiscate your boat. I

met another limey in St martin who told me he was clearing out of Miami to

Havana and was told that if he put Havana on the form they would confiscate

the boat. EU boats clearing into the USA do not have much of a problem.

Fair Winds,


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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Hi y'all, We are thinking of taking Pen Azen, British flagged, to visit

some former colonies next year, arriving in Florida ( shhh... might be

arriving from Havana...) and working our way north to Noo Yawk. Is there

anyone who has recent experience of taking a foreign flagged vessel( crewed

by two Aliens) to the States? There have been scare stories circulating in

the Old World about the boys and girls from Homeland Security, 96 hours

notice of entering US waters, the need ( on a strict reading of the

legislation ) to notify the authorities if you even move berths within the

same marina etc etc. I am sure that in practice it is all much easier but it

would be interesting to know.

We both have UK passports and the UK has a visa free entry if you fly in to

the US but I am not sure if the same applies if you sneak in at 7 knots.

All would be no doubt revealed if I could afford the $300 to attend an

interview at the US embassy but I am sure that there will be an Amel owner

out there somewhere who will have all this at his/her fingertips.

Cheers, Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Trinidad

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