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I’ve been reading about “bommies” Danny, it must be a royal pain if you get wrapped around one.  Can you generally see how it’s wrapped to aid in getting it free...or is it just a matter of trial and error?

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Hi again Kent, just be sure the amount of rope you pay out is say no more than 2/3 of the water depth so when there is no wind and the anchor chain is hanging straight down the rope is well clear of the bottom. You also have to be ware of coral heads or bommies. They come straight up from the bottom and to get rope wrapped around one of those would be fatal. If there are bommies present the rope you pay out must be shorter than the depth of the nearest bommie. In some atolls the coral sand is very soft and very bad holding, In that situation you are likely to be in relatively shallow water. That is where you would need your two anchor system



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Thanks Danny, great advice!  I like attaching the line to both anchors.

  I assume that with 300 ft of chain, the rope rode will be well above the bottom.  I’m calculating that in 40 meters, I’ll want a total of 42 x 3 = 126 meters or 440 ft...and that’s just 3:1 scope.  That’s a whole new universe for me!

Any reason not to connect the chain to the rode with an eye splice on a thimble and a shackle?

Kent Robertson
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Hi Kent,

I agree with Bill Rouse. In deep water your ratio can be less. One VERY important thing with chain and rode is when anchoring in coral areas your rope portion must be well clear of the bottom otherwise it will be cut by the coral. Connecting the rope to the chain is a simple splice technique. You have to share the strands through two links. They wont all fit through one. To give security make at least six tucks in the splice.. So my rode is permanently attached. Dual anchor systems. I agree with Rocna, your primary anchor should be sized to be adequate and your 40 kg is that.

However if you want two anchors down the best method is tandem. Attach 10 m of chain to the hole in the leading edge of your primary anchor and add the second anchor to that. Then take 13 metes of floating line and attach one end to each anchor. This is to facilitate retrieval. When the primary anchor is back in the roller this rope is used to pull the other in. Its floating line so it wont tangle in the chain when deployed. This tandem system is vastly superior to deploying two anchors separately. The tandem are always in line and both are always fully holding.

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Wow, guess I’ve got to devise a good way to add rode to my 300 ft of chain.  Is 250 ft of 1 inch rode on 300 ft of chain enough? That’s less than 6:1.  There was some discussion a while back, but still not comfortable with the transition from chain to rope.  I guess hooking with the snubber line, disconnecting the chain from the locker, pulling it up on deck and shackling it to the rope is about all one can do.  Sounds like a hassle.  

Is the bottom in most places amenable to a ROCNA anchor?
I have a big Fortress and a Mantus as spare anchors, but have never used them.

Does anyone have a good way to mount a spare anchor on the rail?

Have you (or anyone else) used two anchors in tandem?  The ROCNA has a place to shackle a chain to the neck, but it would be difficult to get to, and even harder to retrieve. I guess a line with a float attached to the second anchor could be retrieved with a boat hook and hauled aboard with a halyard.  My back is already complaining about hauling it aboard by hand.

Any and all advice, experiences that taught you something, hints, etc greatly appreciated!

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Hi Kent,

the question was not to me but I have fond memories of time there (Raiatea). I spent a lot of time anchored in 27 meters (90 ft).

Kind Rgards


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