Re: Grease stains under steering cables


Two thoughts...

First, a little grease there is normal.  In fact if it is dry, you should add some.

Second, I always tie off the wheel when not actually driving the boat. The steering system is robust and long lived, but as you might see from recent posts on here it is NOT forever. If I let the rudder swing back and forth all the time, it would put more wear and tear on the whole system than thousands of miles of sailing.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA

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Hi all,

On my A54 #69, I opened the aft berth to inspect the steering and found some grease dripping out of the steering cables. See attached photo. You can see a bit of grease on the cable itself, but the black grease stains below are from the cable "leaking".

On the A54, we don't have an easy way to lock the steering at anchor, so sometimes the steering does turn lock to lock as the boat swings around. I was thinking about tying it off, but am a bit concerned that it would slow down a hasty exit if necessary. 

Perhaps over time, this lock to lock rotation has caused a problem and that's the source of the grease? Or is this normal and nothing to worry about?

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