Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Anchoring in deep water in the S Pacific.

Alan Leslie

I'm with you Bill.
i posted the link to Rocna Pete's article a few days ago.
I an not a fan of anything that makes things complicated, especially when it comes to anchoring.
In the real world it's almost impossible to know whether tandem anchors would work any better than one good sized anchor with plenty of chain. There are just too many variables.
To compare, you'd have to have the same boats in the same place, same conditions, same anchors...and even then we all know that all anchoring spots are not the same.
How many times have we dropped the pick in one spot, pulled back on it good, pick it up again and move a little to the side...perfect?
Its a debate that will continue for sure, but I much prefer one anchor, one set of issues to deal with.
Elyse SM437
Port Havannah, Vanuatu
PS what I described above about anchors not setting ? This happened to us today...dragged quite bit, picked it up, moved 20 m to the W and its stuck...1800rpm in reverse...didn't budge.

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