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Serge Tremblay <laetitiaii@...>

As far as i know, cutlass bearings are lubrified, at least on my boats, by the water penetrating in the grooves.
The real work is prying them out!
Serge, Mango #51

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De: Jim Dernehl <jim.dernehl@...>
Objet: [Amel Yacht Owners] Cutlass bearing replacements
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Date: mardi 16 Septembre 2008, 15 h 30

Dear Group
I have replaced my Amel cutlass bearing many times using factory
replacement parts and must do so again later this month----has anyone
located seals that are better then those used by the factory or
designed an improved brass housing that will extend bearing life ???
Also I would be interested in recommendations for a bearing
grease----lithium grease is what I now use----any better ideas??
Best Jim Dernehl
PAO-SAN # 88
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