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I think that is a dumb idea - probably one of the dumbest ideas i have seen on this group.? Why would you tell lies about your last port of call - get caught out doing that and the shit could really start to hit the fan - lets just imagine that the US and other authorities have been watching and monitoring your progress from Cuba to Florida.? Remember the Caribbean into FL is on one of the main drug routes so this is not as unlikely as it would first appear - and then you try and say you were not there.? This is one sure way to get your boat taken apart piece by piece until they dont find what you were not hiding - or get the boat impounded and sold off at auction There was some clown who tried to smuggle in a fair number of Cuban cigars to another Caribbean country.? In fact all he did was just not declare them on board - so he was assumed to be a smuggler - he ended up in jail and lost his boat - dont mess with the authorities be nice friendly totally up front and totally legal.



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Ian, You will have no problem with Cuba. Keep your zarpe from whatever country you clear out of, tell immigration in Cuba not to keep your zarpe and not to stamp your passport,and when you get to U S tell the authorities you came from the other place. The authorities in Cuba know the problems we have in the US and they will help you,especially since our so called helpful country sent Haiti 5 million dollars for aid after hurricane Hanna and only sent $100, 000 to Cuba. As usual our country tries to win the peoples minds before we win their hearts. When you go there visit a nice hotel and sign up for some first class tours, you will really see Cuba and know why I think its one of the best islands in the Caribbean. John 'Moon dog' sm248

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Ian,I just had Bali Hai at my yacht club here in Huntington.It had an owner from Chile on board.I would NOT leave for the USA from Cuba. They might confiscate your boat. Imet another limey in St martin who told me he was clearing out of Miami toHavana and was told that if he put Havana on the form they would confiscatethe boat. EU boats clearing into the USA do not have much of a problem.Fair Winds,EricAmel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite'-----Original Message-----From: amelyachtowners@...[mailto:amelyachtowners@...] On Behalf Of Ian & Judy JenkinsSent: Saturday, September 13, 2008 8:22 AMTo: amelyachtowners@...: [Amel Yacht Owners] US entryHi y'all, We are thinking of taking Pen Azen, British flagged, to visitsome former colonies next year, arriving in Florida ( shhh... might bearriving from Havana...) and working our way north to Noo Yawk. Is thereanyone who has recent experience of taking a foreign flagged vessel( crewedby two Aliens) to the States? There have been scare stories circulating inthe Old World about the boys and girls from Homeland Security, 96 hoursnotice of entering US waters, the need ( on a strict reading of thelegislation ) to notify the authorities if you even move berths within thesame marina etc etc. I am sure that in practice it is all much easier but itwould be interesting to know.We both have UK passports and the UK has a visa free entry if you fly in tothe US but I am not sure if the same applies if you sneak in at 7 knots.All would be no doubt revealed if I could afford the $300 to attend aninterview at the US embassy but I am sure that there will be an Amel ownerout there somewhere who will have all this at his/her fingertips.Cheers, Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Trinidad_______________________________________
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