Thanks again for spear-heading this Pat and Diane.

Iris and I will host a party at our house, about a 10 minute drive from the dinghy dock in St Michaels.  We’ll make it a pot luck dinner and supply the main course (not sure what yet) and beer & wine , so will need side dishes, salads, hors d’oeuvres, desserts, etc.  I will look into transportation to and from the dinghy dock.

I spoke with the guy who is going to 3D print our drawer/cabinet door pulls, who also does professional drone photography.  Here’s his reply.

I was thinking $100 per boats, minimum 10 boats. Digital photos and videos included. I would also include one standard printed photo to have something physical. We can work out printed prices too if people want larger photos, frames, etc.”

I would love to have pics of Kristy under sail and am guessing most of us would.  Pics from the air of the Amel Armada would be great, too.

Anybody interested, please contact me personally at
 karkauai ”at” yahoo “dot” com

See you all soon!
Kent Robertson
S/V Kristy
USA cell: 828-234-6819

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Below is a list of all the boats/people that have notified me of their intention to attend the Amel Rendezvous in St.Michaels, Maryland on the Miles River starting on Oct.1. Please review the list, and contact me if you no longer plan to attend.  If you are not on the list, and plan to attend, contact me and I will add you to the list. Lastly, we need an accurate head count, if the head count is wrong under your name, contact me. Please contact me direct at (sailw32@...), so not to gum up the Amel site.  Right now, it looks like 17 Amels and 36 people plan to attend, that should make for a hell of a party! 

Pat & Diane McAneny

SM Shenanigans

                               Amel Chesapeake Rendezvous 2018
  Boat Who number of people
  Will fly in  Joel Potter 1
1 Shenanigans Pat & Diane McAneny 2
2 Kristy Kent Robertson and Iris 2
3 Life is Good Vladimir and Marina 2
4 Aletes Mike & Lauren Ondra
  Aletes Tom Peacock 1
5 It's Good Mark and Jennifer Garver 2
6 Cara Mark and Denise McGovern 2
7 Galene Greg and Lora Wirth 2
8 Wanderer Duane and Peg Siegfried 2
9 Harmonie Bill Kinney and Karen Smith 2
10 Sangaris Craig and Katherine  2
  looking for a boat Alan and Laura Grayson 2
11 Brevis Sherman Gifford & Glenn Ayers 2
12 TouRai Steve Morrison 1
13 Fiasco Aras 1
14 Have Fun! David Lambertsen 1
15 Brass Ring Mark and Debbie Mueller 2
16 Joy Chuck and Kim Lacey 2
17 Rascal Rick and Linda Grimes 2  
  Future SM2K owner Brent Cameron 1

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