Re: Maramu pole setup

Ian Park

Great explanation. First advice I got, and which we still do, is to leave the pole end just below the rail height. Also cushion the rail either with a fender (bumper) or cockpit cushion. Just occasionally the pole push may not take the pole out far enough to haul in on the blue line (especially if the boat rolls the wrong way at the wrong time). Then it swings back inboard with some force. Trying to catch it can be hazardous.
Same applies when bringing the pole back in when you’re done.
We don’t have much problem now with several ‘launch and retrieval’s’ behind us, but still do everything at rail level.
Would recommend keeping the big pole at a ‘safe’ height for the first few launches, then decide for yourselves. For us, Linda (not very big) launches and catches while I do the hauling and inward control.
I find when the pole is due to come back in I can stand by the universal joint and put one hand on the inward end of the long pole to slow it down long before the outward end gets within range of the retriever’s reach.
Hope this all makes sense!
Good luck - it’s an amazing system!

Ian and Linda
Ocean Hobo SN96

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