Anchor Chain twisted in the locker after using some times

Rudolf Waldispuehl

Dear Amelias

On my Amel-54 I have original setup, as I think (Buegel-Anchor, WASI Powerball, Lewmar Windlass V4/V5).

I found a strange behavior of the anchor-chain which is after 8-10 Anchor maneuvers very badly twisted in the chain locker. It happened that when I need to draw more chain (let say over 40m) the chain is blocking in the windlass, because of this heavy twist in the locker. From time to time I take out the 100m chain and un-twist to avoid blockage, but still then after maybe 50-60m the twist coms back after short usage. 

Anchor chain 10mm Stainless-Steel (brand unknown) was replaced by former owner 2 years ago. The gypsy looks good, used but not damaged (I have not much experience how it must look like ;-) The V4/5 Gypsy No.203 (10mm) is correct. The chain works well in the windlass (also Swivel), and it seems all is matching.  


I ask you experienced guys who may had the similar problem, or who could know the cause of the twisted chain? 

- Is the gypsy of the windlass defect or over-used to much?

- Is the Stainless-Steel chain of a bad quality?

- Could the chain twist if it is not 100% match, it seems to match, but ?? 

- Any other idea for this strange behavior?


Thanks for advice and best regards




Gouvia, Korfu


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