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Porter McRoberts

Thank you Danny . Good to know. 

Teun was very helpful. He’s down on this model of D3 and got a new/different one. Smart man. The warranty for us only covers a new long block. Which seems realistic. I also have tones of spares for this engine. Etc. Getting CDM to understand an electrically isolated engine Pyle prove incredibly difficult. 
Surprisingly Panama might as well be Somalia in terms of good reliable Volvo work. Rest of the country splendid. 

Some have expressed suspicion that the long block was never actually changed. It’s mine too. Today I’m going to do some forensics. 

We work so hard to make sure everything is perfect. It’s frustrating to have rely on a system that seems so error prone, and over which we have so little control. 

One of the things I really need to learn is how to get the fault codes out of the helm display. 

Had I that, at the beginning, we’d be so much further along in this process. We’re 2.5 months here in Panama with the engine. 

But as my Guru says, “slow down enjoy the trip”. Bill R and Marcus Aurelius to the rescue. 

I’d love a mechanical engine. 

Thanks for all the comments from everyone 

A54-152. Ibis. 
Vista Mar Marina, Panama

Excuse the errors.  
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Hi Porter,

Like everyone I feel for you. Some thoughts. Unless something like salt water ingress  happens and oil and filters are changed regularly diesel engines, mechanically are good for very high hours, 4000 ordinary, 8000, not unusual. You had all the mechanical parts renewed with the long block. I guess not all the wiring looms (which are considerable) nor the operational computer systems. That's where I would be looking. Teun Bass in Noumea has a similar story to tell and he may have something to offer.

Kind Regards


SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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Porter, I think your maintenance regime for the engine looks just fine. It must be very frustrating to have this problem happening again.

I’m not clear on exactly what is the cause of the problem, but then I’m no diesel mechanic! Has that been clearly laid out by Volvo to your satisfaction?

That tell-tale puff of smoke is interesting, which I guess tells of oil ending up where it shouldn’t be and then burning off. I wonder if you can share a few more details about the exact circumstances around when it puffs… does it happen once, only under load, in neutral, idling and then gunning quickly etc. That would allow others to test and report comparisons.

I have the same D3–110i-C model and the Amel specified autoprop. My WOT is 2950-3000rpm.

I hope for a satisfactory resolution for you, it inspires no confidence in your planned travels when things like this happen.

Cheers Dean SY Stella Amel 54 #154





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