Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Long block failure on a Volvo D3-110 Amel 54-152

Porter McRoberts

Thank you Dean. 

Re the smoke:

Black sooty smoke with a small about of coke in the water. 
Only when rapidly throttling up. And only for a split second. Typical scenario. Backing into a slip, then gunning in forward to rapidly decrease the reverse motion to avoid dock contact. 
Maybe when I first start up, a tiny amount.  
Never while running, idling, and if I change speeds gradually never. Only a rapid change as in turbo lag. 
With a non common Rail I’d never even notice it. 
The comment by Nigel Calder to me “you should never see smoke on a common rail” stuck. I later clarified with him and he stuck to his statement of gospel. “Never.”

So...  also I would never notice it but when backing up I’m facing aft. Leg and back against the wheel to prevent rudder deviation. Hand on the throttle and bow stick. Heading out, conversely I’m looking forward and never notice. 

Re the WoT. We’re definitely lower. 2700.  Compression loss?  Hard to say what it was when I picked up the boat with the “new” long block. I think it was  the same. And 2700 is  what we saw during the sea trial pre- “New” long block.  

Thanks again to everyone 

Porter A54-152

Excuse the errors.  
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Porter, I think your maintenance regime for the engine looks just fine. It must be very frustrating to have this problem happening again.

I’m not clear on exactly what is the cause of the problem, but then I’m no diesel mechanic! Has that been clearly laid out by Volvo to your satisfaction?

That tell-tale puff of smoke is interesting, which I guess tells of oil ending up where it shouldn’t be and then burning off. I wonder if you can share a few more details about the exact circumstances around when it puffs… does it happen once, only under load, in neutral, idling and then gunning quickly etc. That would allow others to test and report comparisons.

I have the same D3–110i-C model and the Amel specified autoprop. My WOT is 2950-3000rpm.

I hope for a satisfactory resolution for you, it inspires no confidence in your planned travels when things like this happen.

Cheers Dean SY Stella Amel 54 #154


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