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Porter McRoberts

Smartest man of the group so far in my opinion. 
I will be very interested to hear how things go for you. I’d give a lot to have such a motor. Seems criminal to marry a finicky computer to a life saving device such as a Diesel engine on a sailboat. 

I will definitely get the timing belt changed with the long block exchange. 

Should be very easy to do at the time yes?
I have an extra here, ready. 

Could anyone suggest a list of new things to make sure are fixed exchanged when they do the switch out?  

I could see this crew keeping The same oil filter, and serpentine belt for example. 

Our boats are pretty fast. I think 85 should be plenty.  Will you change the prop? To match the lower horsepower?  

Many thanks again and best of luck. 

Please keep us updated with this new foray!  


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Hi Porter,

I purchased Amel 54 #003 last September. On the delivery from Virginia to Maine the D3-110 died.  We were chugging along for 12 hours or so and then 'screech', stop. There was no coughing, sputtering, smoke or anything else. No error messages...dead. 

The next sign of trouble was when the yard suspected the timing belt slipped. They didn't really have much enthusiasm to work on it as they were totally unfamiliar with the D3. 

After a lot of research I have decided to replace the D3 with a Beta 85, which is an industrial Kubota engine that has been marinized. There is no high pressure common rail, no ECU, no sensors, no computer required for troubleshooting and no timing belt. This is the largest 'old school' engine I could get from Beta that would be legal. In other words, they have to bring the power down to be able to meet emission standards (US). Nanni has a 115 that is old school that they would be happy to sell me but for various reasons I went with the Beta. 

I am not suggesting you need to repower, I was in a unique position to make the decision in my home port and have a couple of years until I start cruising. Also, I'll mention that the previous owner had just finished a circumnavigation. It looked like the engine room had been thoroughly sprayed with salt water and never cleaned up. In addition to oil and coolant leaks, everything was covered with rust and corrosion. I ripped everything out including the engine, generator, water maker, lots of wiring, hot water heater, etc. Thus began a major refit which is still in progress.

PS: Don't forget to change your timing belt at the suggested intervals. I think its every 600 hours. Mine was way overdue.  Also interesting to note that this was the second D3 installed in this boat.

Dana Anderson
Amel 54 #003  'Pathfinder'

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