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Rudolf Waldispuehl

Thank you Bill

You are a great resource as always. If I ever meet you I will buy you some beers ;-)
I was close on same track but I had no evidence about the Problem. I'm not happy to buy new gypsy's but I'm happy to know the source of the Problem now.

Found the Details also in the Lewmar manual in pdf on Page35:

Thanks  and cheers

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I believe that I have bad news for you.

The "ISO standard" 10mm chain has a "pitch" of 30mm and the "DIN standard" 10mm chain has a pitch of 28mm.

Pitch is the distance inside the chain loop on the long side. I privately emailed you a page from my Amel Book which explains this.

Here is the bad news:
The Lewmar V5 with 203 Gypsy is "ISO standard" for 10mm chain and is designed for a "pitch" of 30mm. Amel always installs ISO Standard chain.
The Stainless Steel chain on your boat is "DIN standard" with a pitch of 28mm.
This will cause multiple problems including the one you described.

You need new gypsies for DIN standard 10mm chain.

The error the previous owner made is a common mistake, and it is never, ever checked by surveyors. My guess is that this email to you will ne "news" to many Amel owners. 


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Yes, I have the WASI Power ball swivel installed. 

Here the measurements, the long inside of a link is something between 27.8 mm and 28mm. Hard to measure, but I think it’s 28mm.

The Gypsy is marked 203. 
This is what AMEL originally delivered I think (Lewmar V5 with 203 Gypsy), isn’t it?

Thanks for your great support. 

WASABI A-54#55

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Your Amel should have a Wasi Power Ball swivel at the connection between the chain and anchor. Does it?

Also, 10mm chain and gypsies come in 2 different sized links, called pitch. Carefully measure the long inside dimension of several links. Then inspect the gypsy for all markings. Let me know what you find. 


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Dear Amelias

On my Amel-54 I have original setup, as I think (Buegel-Anchor, WASI Powerball, Lewmar Windlass V4/V5).

I found a strange behavior of the anchor-chain which is after 8-10 Anchor maneuvers very badly twisted in the chain locker. It happened that when I need to draw more chain (let say over 40m) the chain is blocking in the windlass, because of this heavy twist in the locker. From time to time I take out the 100m chain and un-twist to avoid blockage, but still then after maybe 50-60m the twist coms back after short usage. 

Anchor chain 10mm Stainless-Steel (brand unknown) was replaced by former owner 2 years ago. The gypsy looks good, used but not damaged (I have not much experience how it must look like ;-) The V4/5 Gypsy No.203 (10mm) is correct. The chain works well in the windlass (also Swivel), and it seems all is matching.  


I ask you experienced guys who may had the similar problem, or who could know the cause of the twisted chain? 

- Is the gypsy of the windlass defect or over-used to much?

- Is the Stainless-Steel chain of a bad quality?

- Could the chain twist if it is not 100% match, it seems to match, but ?? 

- Any other idea for this strange behavior?


Thanks for advice and best regards




Gouvia, Korfu


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