Re: Lenght of anchorchain?SM2000

Alan Leslie

YES Bob very good...but i doubt we could carry an anchor that size !!
However, I do remember many years ago Steve saying if people joke about the large size of your anchor, you've probably got it about that time we had a very small boat, BUT we had the biggest anchor that would fit, and we never dragged.
We have dragged only once with Elyse and that was , I am sure, due to a not so good anchorage, rocky bottom, and a serious wind change, that sent us loose towards a reef...thanks to the Furuno anchor alarm, we managed to move after only a minor contact with the reef
AND we had about 4:1 scope on all chain with a nylon snubber in about 25 knots

But it was the bottom holding that was the issue...not scope, not the anchor..

Every situation is different have to work it out for your self...

Elyse Sm437

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