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We do use a swivel... but not for the reasons that most people do.  

With a proper anchor roller and gypsy we have never found twisting of chain to be a significant issue.  Especially in deep water, once the anchor is off the bottom, there is a lot of time for the twist to work its way out as the anchor comes up.  Other people have had more trouble with twist--and some think a swivel helps, others do not...

We use the Mantus Swivel (Mantus Anchor Website) only because its design gives us a stronger connection between the chain and anchor than you can get with a standard shackle.  

In general I am not a fan of swivels, they can be a serious weak point in the overall system, but these I have enough confidence in to actually use.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA

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You experienced sailors of the Pacific and Carribian. How long is your anchorchain??? Do you use a swivel?
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