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Hi Dean

You will need to observe the colour of the fluid in your reservoir. If it starts to get a little cloudy (lighter colour than normal) and it fills higher again, you have water ingress through your wearing bearing shaft seals under water. If so, you will need to haul the boat and replace those 3 seals and wearing bearing.

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Hi guys,
I noticed today a small amount of leakage from the cap of my C-Drive reservoir. This was after a fast 3 hour motor at 2100rpm into a F3 and choppy sea.. I guess the transmission was working reasonably hard. The upper casing was around 75degC.

My take on this is that the back pressure in the reservoir releases the cap and a little fluid leaks out, maybe just because of the boat movement. The reservoir is showing max level (actually a little above).

I just wanted to throw it out there in case this is something more of a concern than I’m giving it credit for.

I’ll be replacing the transmission fluid in a week or so so i’ll make sure not to go up to Max next time.

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