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To be fair Henri was pretty old in 2005. So one should not expect him to have kept up to date, but that is my point. His general philosophy was sound but as with everything time and tide waits for nobody.

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I agree with Alexandre. In my view, I’m sure Henri would have embraced both solar and LED technology at the appropriate time. As you indicate Nick, they have tremendous upsides and no significant downsides, and as with with any emergent technology, picking the ‘sweet’ time to adopt is one of the challenges.

On the other hand, I’m also convinced Henri would have had major objections to software controlled engines.

Bill R, I’m sure your self-appointed role is much appreciated by the great majority of the forum. We won’t always end up with the same solution, but it is always a useful exercise to contemplate ‘what would Henri have done’ ?

Please keep doing what you do :-)

SY Stella
Amel 54#154

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