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The two mix fine, and there is a reason for the mix. 


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Improvement or not

Here is one that I have changed perspective on.

When I first bought Amelia I saw stainless WASI anchor and
Galvanised chain and went into shock.. Do not mix the two.....

Well recently I have been anchoring in some less than perfect ground, not from choice but necessity.. That sharp point on the WASI does a great job at hooking on and being stainless does not lose her galvanising in the process. 

My point:

My second (Delta) anchor is rusty and needs hot dipping. Lightly used to boot.

Yes one should not mix stainless and galvanised but all stainless chain is very expensive and maybe brittle (big maybe) and it is no big deal to sacrifice a link or two of the galvanised chain each year. So Amel, despite going against the standard doctrine supply a very sensible and pragmatic solution..

There are lots of examples of good Amel and only a very few less than good.

So well done Amel.

Nick ( Amelia)

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Amen 🙏 

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If I may step in, I think Mister Henry Tonnet (as we know as Amel, which is his resistance name during WWII) passed away in 2005.
I think back then, solar, LED and all we take for granted nowadays were in their infant stage, too expensive, not developed for the marine environment, etc. so I wouldn’t be surprised Mr Amel would have keep an eye on how they evolve to eventually use them.

Sincerely, Alexandre

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Improvements to the Amel design.
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So Bill what about solar power and LED lighting?
Henri Amel never embraced either.

Amelia (54) in the Canary
Islands.Enjoying not being a slave to the

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Amel has used the German-made
stainless steel Wasi PowerBall swivel for many years on ALL
galvanized or stainless steel chain, with almost all
installed on stainless steel anchors. PowerBall isn't
really like any swivel made by others. For more information,
Google it.
BTW, like
it or not, I am the self-appointed guy that reminds all of
us to respect Captain Amel's decisions. And, when I am
evaluating an Amel for prospective buyer/client, I look for
all indications of any disrespect of the Captain's
design decisions. I am not sure what the actual number is,
but I believe that the Captain was 99% correct. Of course,
that is my opinion and I understand that it could be

CW Bill Rouse
Admiral, Texas Navy
Amel School
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do use a swivel... but not for the reasons that most people
a proper anchor roller and gypsy we have never found
twisting of chain to be a significant issue.  Especially in
deep water, once the anchor is off the bottom, there is a
lot of time for the twist to work its way out as the anchor
comes up.  Other people have had more trouble with
twist--and some think a swivel helps, others do
use the Mantus Swivel (Mantus
Anchor Website) only because its design gives us a
stronger connection between the chain and anchor than you
can get with a standard shackle.  
general I am not a fan of swivels, they can be a serious
weak point in the overall system, but these I have enough
confidence in to actually use.

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wrote :

experienced sailors of the Pacific and Carribian. How long
is your anchorchain??? Do you use a swivel?

Fair winds


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