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A puff of smoke on acceleration of a D3 is probably not an indication of something going wrong.

Black smoke on acceleration almost always indicates unburnt fuel. One of the  reasons for computer controlled diesel engines was to eliminate this source of pollution. When rapidly accelerating  a conventional diesel engine, it will allow more fuel in the chamber than it can burn causing black smoke. The Volvo D3 systems are supposed to limit most of this, but an initial puff is likely very normal. I know that the 100hp Yanmar Turbo without a computer will allow lots of unburnt fuel on rapid acceleration and when the AutoProp is fouled.

I also know if I floor my 1985 Mercedes Turbo Diesel, I can smoke you if you are behind me. Sometimes this can add joy to my day😀.


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Hi dean. Ive operated diesels all my life. Most not vommon rail l acknowledge. However believe I can offer something here. Overloaded diesels smoke. The throttle opening delivers more fuel than can burn at the present revolutions. The modern computer controlled systems eliminate this mostly. However, if you slam the throttle down with the prop shaft stationary there is a moment of super overload intil it gets moving,hence your  puff of smoke.

I don't think you have an issue here.




Ocean pearl

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I’ve done your smoke test.
Yes, under the rapid throttle action, a puff of black smoke comes from our Volvo exhaust exactly as you describe. Not confidence inspiring! Hmmm.

I look forward to seeing other owners results of this quick test.

SY Stella
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