Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Long block failure on a Volvo D3-110 Amel 54-152

Porter McRoberts

Eric well said especially the last line: fair winds are so very important with the D3.
Porter McRoberts
S/V Ibis: Amel 54-#152
Panama City, Panama

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Years ago, I went to Amel to visit and sail the prototype 54 on the far side of the marina in La Rochelle while they were still delivering the 53's
When I discussed discussed the engine, i was not happy with the Volvo "electronic" engine.
They said being that the boat was for export and the USA pollution regulations were not yet in place they could do it for a fee.
Unfortunately I thought I had health issues and did not order hull number 12.
It seems like the has a lot of problems.
I recall when I asked if i bought a spare electronics module and the Volvo engine still did not work what could i do?
They said just hook up the engine to the internet--that was the Volvo deal breaker for me.
Fair Winds,
Sm 376 Kimbelite

On Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 11:14 AM, Porter McRoberts portermcroberts@... [amelyachtowners] wrote:


Thanks Alan 

Great points. The elbow is very clean. But I have not looked beyond it. I will when we remove the engine. 
Thank you!  

Excuse the errors.  
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Black smoke is caused by unburnt carbon....oil burning is blue smoke.

Unburnt carbon usually indicates there is a blockage somewhere checked that've done that.
Another thing could be too high back pressure in the exhaust.
Has the exhaust system been taken apart and checked to be sure it is relatively clean and free flowing?
Elyse SM437
Maskelyne Islands, Vanuatu

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