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Hi dean. Cruising = fixing boats in exotic locations is my second favourite quote. You'll know the other one. Wouldn't worry about losing your puff of smoke. A diesel engine (as many on this forum say) needs to work. 1500 rpm is thoroughly unkind to it. The drip of oil. Engine oil? Are you sure it's coming from the bell housing. Some stray oil can come from the turbo and finish up in unusual locations. With a young engine like yours a main bearing crankshaft seal is unlikely to have failed.



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Hi Danny, Thanks for that info.

The situation has also become a little curiouser. I did that test, and produced the big puff of smoke once and once only, now I cannot repeat the result!

I’ve tried again with engine hot and cold, but no big puff of smoke!

Maybe I had some kind of build up in there which got blown out? Quite strange.

Since this thread popped up I have been deliberately running the motor much harder than previously, typically motoring at 2150rpm (rather than 1500-1800) Since doing this I’ve had a couple of interesting issues raise their heads.

  1. Slight leakage from lid of C-Drive reservoir. I think I understand that issue fully.

  2. Some leakage of oil from the motor, which I’ve traced to the bellhousing breather at the bottom of the housing. A teaspoon per hour maybe. Right now I’m transiting at 1650rpm to see if it’s still the same.

The only sources of that leak that I can think of are the sump flange or the main shaft seal. (Wish I’d known about this before the new box went in!)

I’m becoming very familiar with fixing boats in exotic places :-)

Cheers Dean SY Stella Amel 54#154





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