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michael winand

Yes 10mm chain  . All shackles  are rated swl, 6 tonne  at anchor  it is a close fit at the bow roller so I bring it up gently. I normally am at the bow when anchoring.  2.5 tonne swl at the end of the 10mm chain to the 16mm chain. 
The larger chain is easy to thread my 12mm line through to tie off the anchor when underway. 
If you have to buy a new anchor chain most chain manufacturers will put a larger link at each end. Where I am it is called fathom chain. 60 fathom  is near 117m. 
A swivel between the two chain 16mm and the 10mm would also be able to be used as the swivel is normally larger on one end to allow for the anchor. 

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Thanks Michael...

So you have 10mm chain - shackle - 16mm x 1m chain - shackle - anchor?

What shackles do you use ?

Elyse SM437

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