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I am interested in seeing your file. Yahoo deleted the file attached
to your email. Yahoo does not allow posting a file via email to the
group, but you can upload it in the "Files" section. If that does not
work for you, you may consider copying the text of the file and
pasting it into an email to the group.

I do not have the red, blue, white & yellow pole line information, but
have some of the other information requested which follows:
Mainsail Halyard 10mm 17.20m Vectran
Mainsail Sheet 14mm 18m Polyester
Genoa Halyard 12mm 39m Vectran
Genoa Sheet (21 meters each) 16mm 42m Polyester

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Please find attached, the file for info on all lines on SM.

It is in french: sheet is "écoute" and halyard is " drisse"

Serge D. Tremblay, Opéra, mango #51

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Objet: [Amel Yacht Owners] Ballooners
Date: samedi 20 Septembre 2008, 1 h 48

I would appreciate if someone can advise me the recommended size and
length for the sheets and halyards of both the ballooners please.

What is the size and length for the blue, yellow and red lines?

Cheers, Barry

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