Santorin spinnaker question

Herbert Lackner

when we purchased KALI MERA in 2013 she was equipped with a Parasailor instead of the Amel balooner. An additional block was mounted on the top of the mast and the halyard for the balooner was fed up to the new block. We built it back to the original setup, ordered a new balooner and have been very happy using the twin-sail configuration on the atlantic crossing. twin sail worked excellent up to 30 degrees in front of the wind.

Now pacific crossing is the next trip and with the light wind and not always from the back we are thinking of using the Parasail again, but do not want to change the halyards for the original configuration. Did anyone installed an additional halyard for a spinnaker? there has to be an additional block that is mounted above the forestay, can someone post a foto of the setup?

thx, herbert, SN120 KALI MERA

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